Saturday, December 17, 2011

To blog or not to blog....

So, I have abonded my blog for QUITE some time now. For good reason. Lack of material and motivation. 4 followers? Ugh I could use it as a place to maybe vent(or rant like this post) but if I wanted write in a journal... Why would I use blogger? Granted. I don't like to write and would much rather type but I would not publish it. Im still contemplating wasting my time on my blog.

Also, I have grown to have a new obsession. I haven't had (is that right? it sounds wierd) anyways... there hasnt been cable or anything in my house and I haven't been working so I have been STUCK at home with just me, these walls and my not-so-trusty-but-not-yet-rusty-ol'-computer. My boyfriend decided to give me my Christmas present early and he gifted me a Wii. YAY! I've wanted one for a while now. And with the Wii came Netflix and with Netflix came my obsession with Gossip Girl. Oh yeah, they have 4 seasons on that bad boy and I am onto season 2 now. You know how you (or someone you may know because you don't read) can get caught up in a book to where it completely consumes you and want to do nothing more but find out what happens next. Its hypnotizing. This dang show has done it to me. Ugh... Im actually fighting the urge as we know it.  I heard alot about the program but never payed much attention. Silly me. Then again, I have never really been the type to pay attention what time and day a certain show will come in and religiously keep up on it. With the exception of American Idol, But that was only about 6 episodes into it and then I got caught up in other matters.

Well that is all for now. If by chance you read this... Should I keep my blog. Am I wasting my time? Can you help ME?! lol 

XOXO GossipGirl 
Haha Jk

<3 KivaRenee

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