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January MyGlam Bag - Review

HEY! Its been so long. This it my first new post for the new year so I decided 'what better way to start off my blog year than with MyGlam!'. This is my first bag and I was very pleased. I believe this is the second bag that has been sent out publicly since the start of the company. Now alot of people received their bag later than other s because of complications with the manufacturers or what not and some might still be waiting on their bag to show. I did not JUST  receive mine. It actually came in the mail last week and I am just now getting around to posting about it. I mean, thats what you are supposed to do when you get these kinds of things right? lol 
 Well I wasn't going to wait until I got around to posting on my blog to try out my products, I do not have that kind of patience. Therefor, I am going to review the MyGlam bag and let you know my thoughts on the products since I have already used them :)

As most know that follow or receive MyGlam know, the packaging is adorable. Not just the bag the products come in but the actual SHIPPING packaging. My mailman must have wondered what was inside of the bag being that I am sure he never delivered something so shiny! Well maybe so but I highly doubt it in this po-dunk town I live in lol. 
(unfortunately my camera is out of commission at the moment so the pictures shown are not my own. Does that make me a theif? I sure hope not, well thanks for the pics anyways..whoever you are! )

I noticed that some lucky subscribers actually received more than on bag on accident. As I said, LUCKY! 
When I opened the bag I first found the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber. It was obviously bigger than the MyGlam bag the rest in the products came in so I would say it wouldn't fit. I didn't mind any.
I don't use many masks let alone peel-off ones. So I don't really have products in mind to compare this one too but I did enjoy it. The product does indeed smell like cucumbers and the consistency is thick,not too liquid-y and runny and I liked that. It felt so cool and refreshing just putting it on my face. Also,my face didn't feel too tight as it was drying. When I took it off I could see my skin appeared brighter and was very softer. I've already used it twice.
 There are other scents available as well the the company offers. When mine is out I will no doubt have to try one out, actually, why wait that long? 
Now on to the rest of the package.
The bag looked like this. Although it looks alot better than in this picture. I like the way the products come in  little makeup bag with zippers so they can be reused. Not only is it a great way to market the MyGlam product but I will have endless amount of bags I can use for makeup or coins...tampons... lol whatever I will need a bag for. I'll have more to add to my collection.
Inside the bag were three things and three flyers from companies of the products inside and a flyer with a list of the products enclosed with descriptions and priced of the full size product. The other flyers give coupon codes exclusive to MyGlam members and ask for feedback. 
First thing I pulled out of my eco-friendly themed MyGlam makeup bag was the Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. The bottle in the bag is not as big as the one shown below, it is actually a 2 fl oz tube but it is still alot of product. 
Super excited was I that I was going to be able to try out a Wen product. My and my boyfriend had found ourselves a couple times watching the infomercials and contemplating trying it out. I followed the instructions and even left some in my hair as a leave in conditioner. My hair is soft but I'm not completely wowed by the product. I also wasn't too in love with the scent either. I didn't smell much almond but there was deffinetly mint in there. Not to say it smelled bad because it didn't by any means it just reminded me of something I would normally put on my feet. So when putting it in my hair it also reminded me of this SUPER STRONG shampoo my boyfriend uses for his dandruff. Thank goodness Wen's mint wasn't as over powering as that stuff though. Whew. Also, the consistency is very thin. I compared it to my Aussie Moist conditioner I am using that the moment and with the Wen, a little goes....not that far. I highly doubt I will be purchasing the full size ever.
Then I saw the Sheer Cover Concealer. The color is in Light/Medium. It is said to restore the skin's natural moisture balance due to the jojoba in the ingredients. The product is soo smooth and blends super well. I put  the light one under my eyes and the a slight amount of the medium on top of it so I didn't have a halo around my eyes. This product feels so high end. I love it. My Glamofluage from Hard Candy will soon be collecting dust. 
Lastly is the Hot Ticket Nail Polish by The Balm in Call Me Iridescent. I wish I could have taken pictures of what it looks like when applied to the nails because it is absolutely gorgeous. The color is a baby pink with a lavender iridescence and glitter. I was suprised at how easily it applied and how well the glitter applies with the color. I only applied two coats to see how well the glitter would pile on and those two were all I needed. I could have stayed with one coat if I wanted the look to be more subtle. I was very pleased with this color. It also dried amazingly fast which was awesome as well. Here is a look at the other colors The Balm offers.

Over all I must say that I really like MyGlam. They are doing a great job. I used to subscribe to Birch box and only received about five boxes and alot of the product I never really used or thought I would actually by and the samples were truly samples which could only be used once or twice. I rarely liked anything I got from Birchbox....maybe about 25% of the box was something that excited me. Now with MyGlam, I use ALL of them and these are not 'deluxe samples' three out of four of these product where FULL SIZE products. PLUS a bag that can be reused as opposed to the nicely packed cardboard that can only be used to save pencils or stationary in... I dunno, I threw mine away. 

                                              <3  KivaRenee

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